Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Podcast: Michael Lewis, Financial Disaster Travel Journalist

At bottom, I'm not all that interested in money," Michael Lewis tells us on today's Planet Money.
It's peculiar that I've written financial books and worked on Wall Street. ... I'm interested in something else, and I guess that other thing is character and action and the general drift of societies. Money, because people care so much about it ... is this great prism through which to view people.
On the show, we talk about the long arc of Lewis's work.
In the '80s, he wrote a book about the people who created mortgage-backed securities. Last year, he described people who bet against mortgage backed securities and got rich when they collapsed in the financial crisis.
Micheal Lewis is the author of The Big ShortMoneyball (my personal favorite), and the The Blindside. Of course it was Liar's Poker that made him famous.  

See the Recent Lewis interview on 60 Minutes.