Saturday, December 12, 2009 stalks critics, hacks into Facebook accounts, and disproves own conspiracy theory

Interesting Reading

But here's the best thing about this whole pretexting project of Bagley and Byrne: It completely disproves exactly what they were trying to prove with the project. Their theory was that anyone on their enemies list who was "friends" with one another on Facebook must be part of a conspiracy. After all, Facebook is the perfect tool for co-conspirators to show love for one another, Bagley would have you believe.

Except the fact that people were accepting the friend request of a fake person named Larry Bergman, shows that people on their friends lists don't even have to exist to get there. They may have "friends" on their lists that they've never met and don't even know. Which completely disproves the theory that "friends" on Facebook are automatically part of a conspiracy.

What idiots. Who in their right mind wants to shop at when this is the kind of nonsense that CEO Patrick Bryne promotes and pays for? Do you really think any of your private information is safe with them? Do you want even one cent of your hard earned money to go to sleazeballs like this?