Friday, December 11, 2009

Kravis wants to rock it like Buffett

Mr. Kravis thinks Mr. Buffett’s cash-rich conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway represents the perfect private equity model; the magazine said, in a lengthy look at Mr. Kravis and his buyout shop

"He has certain advantages over us" Mr. Kravis told BusinessWeek, pointing to Mr. Buffett's ability to ink deals no matter what the economic climate."I would like to see us create those advantages for ourselves"

And, the magazine said, Mr. Kravis and K.K.R. co-founder George R. Roberts have apparently come up with a four-part plan to do exactly that.

The plan reportedly includes  building an in-house investment bank to serve K.K.R.'s portfolio companies; a public listing in 2010 to help fund acquisitions; seeking out more minority stakes instead of full buyouts; and adopting new management techniques to preserve KKR's tight-knit culture as the company expands.

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