Monday, November 2, 2009

Janet Tavakoli Goldman Sachs Seasonable Doubt

Apparently we're not one of Janet Tavakoli's fav blogs. She doesn't send us copies of stuff -- (Janet if you're reading please put us on your distro list.) Luckily Miguel @ Simolen Sense, is on the list and he posted.

In August 2007, I publicly challenged the fact that AIG took no write‐downs whatsoever for its credit default swaps on underlying mortgage related “super senior” positions. I used the example of its aggregate $19.2 billion in credit default swaps on super senior positions backed by BBB‐rated tranches of residential mortgage backed securities. I spoke with Warren Buffett, but only about what I had already told the Wall Street Journal (Dear Mr. Buffett Pp. 164‐165, 246).