Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Conversation With Sergey Brin And Eric Schmidt

Google co-founder Sergey Brin and CEO Eric Schmidt are holding an audience this morning with a roomful of journalists in New York City. They talk about the Google Books settlement, antitrust scrutiny, Android, Chrome, innovations in search and the “evil room.” Below are my live notes (I’ve bolded parts for emphasis).

Sergey Brin: We have had a number of interesting activities. A bunch of you saw the verizon announcement, android, software platform, more enhancements in terms of faster software, better software. A number of devices are coming out as a trickle, many more we expect. Google Books, a hearing today, but generally that is something I am very proud of, to make the world’s books accessible. Have written a little piece I hope comes out as an op-ed.

Eric Schmidt: It seems like Sergey has jumped the gun. We should focus mostly on search, and some of the ideas Sergey has. We are having our global sales meeting here, we brought senior sales executives. The mood was very, very positive. We told them that the worst is behind us and we are clearly seeing aspects of recovery, what is notable is we are seeing aspects of recovery not just in the US but in Europe. I thought it was going to be US first, Europe second, Asia we never saw a hit. We are increasing our hiring rate and investment rate in anticipation of a recovery.

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